Counteracting Car Commercials with Cargo Bikes

Counteracting Car Commercials with Cargo Bikes

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December 7, 2020

A cargo bike video advertising campaign kicked-off in the City of Graz, a city that already in 2012, introduced a subsidy scheme for cargo bikes.

There are about 500 cargo bikes in the second largest city of Austria, a number that could be even higher if cargo bikes were advertised more effectively. The association Crossover took this to heart and shot five promotional videos of private and commercial cargo bike pioneers from Graz.

All videos have English subtitles and can be shared across Europe.

Here is the video “Happy family with a cargo bike”:

Watch the other five clips here:

Roland Kloss from Crossover gives a background report on the video campaign:

Particularly in the world of television, you see one car ad after the other. No wonder that most people believe that when you have a family or a company, you simply need a car! We want to counteract the masses of car advertising. With our ads we show that Cargo bikes are the best means of transport in the city. Particularly when you have a family or are an entrepreneur, you need a cargo bike!

The portrayed cargo bikers had responded to a Facebook call in April 2020. The video premiere took place on 26 August on Mariahilferplatz in Graz – following a parade with about 70 cargo bikes.

A yet unreleased 30-second ad ran in October in Austrian cinemas in Villach, Linz, Wels and Graz. The Austrian private broadcaster ServusTV also broadcasted the ad on German television. If you want to show one of these five video portraits in your city’s in cinemas or elsewhere, please contact Crossover in Graz at info(@)tandem-crossover.eu.

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