SUD-EST is cultural organisation established in 2006 in the city of Lecce (Italy). The main purposes are enhancing urban peripheral areas, preserving cultural and artistic heritage, promoting cultural activities and facilitating communities. We transformed an old engineering workers’ training school in Lecce, which was abandoned since the early 90’s, into an independent multifunctional cultural centre called Manifatture Knos.

Our centre is the main place to experiment new forms of social, cultural, economic organization or un-organization. We are slowly becoming an example of good practice based on new methodological approach in managing social, cultural and economic changes.

Since 2011 we launched Ciclofficina Popolare Knos in cooperation with the local association Ruotando with the aim of promoting and increasing the use of bicycles as a simple, economic and sustainable means of transport. Ciclofficina has become a place to increase and develop skills in the employment and entrepreneurial field by learning technical skills in maintenance, fixing bikes and urban logistic with cargo bikes. Ciclofficina Popolare Knos provides also technical assistance to the the public bike-sharing service of the Municipality of Lecce.