Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. With a medieval city center small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy world class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums. Utrecht is the fastest growing city and the healthiest city of The Netherlands. On top of that, Utrecht is one of the happiest cities in the world according to the United Nations. We are building a healthy future for both our city and its inhabitants. We therefore put public health first in all fields of policy. We urge residents and other stakeholders in the city to take the initiative, to seek to forge partnership and thereby do their part in making Utrecht a healthier place to live.

With a population that is the youngest of any Dutch city. Utrecht provides a vibrant, creative, inspirational environment for leading innovations. The city is developing from a medium-sized provincial city into a regional capital of European importance.

Municipality UTRECHT is the National Focal Point for the Netherlands of CityChangerCargoBike.