European Cargo Bike Operators Industry Survey

This anonymous online survey is provided by Sports Marketing Surveys on behalf of partners of the EU-funded CityChangerCargoBike project (CCCB): Cycling Industries Europe, European Cycle Logistics Federation and Cracow University of Technology. The CCCB Project’s mission and aim of the survey is to demonstrate and fully exploit the huge potential of cargo bikes for sustainable transport in Europe.

The 2022 survey was conducted between  6 June and ran until 26 June, it has now closed and the results are available here.



Any company operating in Europe using bikes, e-bikes or cargo bikes to carry out services or deliveries.


The survey data is collected by Sports Marketing Surveys under its internal rules and rules of the CCCB project. They allow the collection of anonymised and aggregated business data to meet the objectives of the CCCB project. No names of individuals or businesses are being sought by the survey and therefore no information can or will be assigned to individual companies.

Publication of results

A first operator survey was conducted in December 2020 for internal use by the sector when negotiating regulations for cargo bike with the EU. This was not published at the time because it was carried out purely for internal use. Parallel surveys of manufacturers have been published which have provided valuable insights, it is now intended that operator data will complement these publications.

To receive the media release register for the newsletter of Cycling Industries Europe (https://cyclingindustries.com/newsletter-subscription, in English). The results of both surveys will be announced at the final CCCB conference @EUROBIKE in Frankfurt on 14 July 2022.

Thanks for participating in the survey!