Cargo Bike
14.01.2020 - 14.01.2020

Webinar: (UK-based) Local authority eCargo bike grant scheme

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E cargo bikes are gaining in popularity, particularly in the last mile delivery sector. Increasing their uptake is going to be a significant factor in improving air quality in our towns and cities and ensuring that collectively we can meet the Government's Road to Zero plan. The DfT funded eCargo bike grant programme was launched in April 2019 and we are pleased that the recently announced local authority focussed grant scheme is now live. This webinar will cover the local authority programme in detail.

We will hear from a representative of the European Cycle Logistics Federation about the benefits of these vehicles and some of their technical specification along with some case studies of how they are currently being used. The team from EST will explain in further detail, the application process and the scoring criteria before we hear from an organisation that is a current user of eCargo bikes.

There will also be an opportunity to pose questions for the panel.


- Webinar Introduction

- Richard Drew, EST

- What is an eCargo bike and what are the benefits of using them - Gary Armstrong, European Cycle Logistics Federation

- Local authority eCargo bike grant programme: application process and scoring criteria - Rosie Knight, EST

- Case Study - from a current eCargo Bike operator

- Dan Robinson, Peloton (TBC)

- Q&A Session

- Webinar Close