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The City of Leipzig is Changing Gear: Courier Service by Cargo Bike

Accelerating the shift towards sustainable mobility: Binding public procurement to emission-free transport. Leipzig is moving forward.

Since the beginning of August, the postal correspondence between 24 municipal institutions in Leipzig's city centre is delivered by cargo bike. In March 2019, at the initiative of the Greens and with opposing votes from the CDU and AFD, the city council decided to shift urban courier services to emission-free cargo bikes and e-vehicles. The City of Leipzig made this a criterion for their new tender of courier services for the municipality. At the beginning of August, the Leipzig based cycle logistics company Fulmo Kurierunion carried out the first cargo bike deliveries.

Will more municipalities follow Leipzig‘s example? Whether it's through external procurement or the adjustment of the city’s vehicle fleet: local authorities play a crucial rule in fostering the uptake of cargo bikes. This also applies, of course, to the procurement and procurement policies of federal and state governments.

Competent German cycle logistics companies that are happy to take on public contracts are united through the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland (RLVD) (German branch of the European Cycle Logistics Federation).

Press release published by the City of Leipzig, 03 August 2020

Inner-city courier services are now carried out by cargo bikes

From August onwards, administrative courier service will only use cargo bikes for tours in the city. The city's central courier service takes up to 130 daily trips to offices, various authorities, and institutions in Leipzig. Based on the decision of climate-friendly administration, these courier trips have now been restructured and, with the expiry of the contract, a new tendering procedure has been launched. Head of the main office Dr. Christian Aegerter says:

We want to help make Leipzig's transport system more sustainable and show that the administration is committed to sustainable transport. It wasn't easy to find suitable providers for cargo bike courier services, but we were successful. Perhaps we can set an example for other cities.

The employees of the company Fulmo Kurierdienst GbR now cover the courier service trips of 24 public buildings with two cargo bikes. Their routes are between five and twelve kilometres long and cover the centre and the outer ring of the city of Leipzig. Amongst others, the company will deliver to the branch offices in Otto-Schill-Straße, Thomasiusstraße and Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, the adult education centre, the municipal museums and the market office. The museums are responsible for the largest amount of mail, for example, by sending information flyers about events.

For long-distance courier trips, which will continue to be carried out by motor vehicles in the future, there will be a gradual transition from vehicles with combustion engines to electric vehicles within a year. Four vehicles are currently in use for this purpose covering distances of up to 315 kilometers per day. These couriers ensure mail distribution for all municipal day-care facilities and schools, the city administration's branch offices, private companies, but also courts and public authorities in Leipzig. The largest volume of mail is produced by the public order office, the foreigners’ registration office, and the social welfare office for youth, family and education.

In the election year of 2019 alone, around 5,800 items were transported daily to the city's incoming post office and 18,600 to outgoing post, with an additional 22,000 items of internal administrative documents being added every day. This year - without having to secure elections - the post office expects about 14,000 daily outgoing mail items and 15,000 internal administrative mail items - the average daily incoming mail volume is the same as last year.


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