Cargo Bike Parking Space Testing

Eurometropole of Strasbourg Prototypes Cargo Bike Parking Racks

The Eurometropole of Strasbourg is experimenting with four types of parking racks dedicating public space specifically to cargo bikes! This initiative aims to exploit the potential of cargo bikes by removing barriers such as the fear of theft and difficulty of parking.

The brand new cargo bike racks have been installed at Dauphine square, right in front of the Cité de la musique et de la dance. This location offers a crossroad of uses, which will help to identify how the racks are being used. "Places such as schools or crèches seem particularly suited to the use of the cargo bike for the temporary drop-off of children", supports Sophie Dupressoir, town councillor delegated to the cycling and "walkable" town. "A cargo bike replaces at least one car", says Alain Jund, vice-president of the Eurometropolis in charge of mobility and cycling policy.

Tailor-made prototypes

"They have been custom-designed by manufacturers at our request," explains Pierre-Marie Garnier, head of the "Cycling Projects" mission at the City. The four models vary in size ranging from large racks with arrow-shaped wings, which were designed to lock the frame on one side and the rear wheel on the other, to minimal small ring-shaped poles.

Strasbourg cargo bike parking prototype

The ultimate goal is the roll out these prototypes all over the city. They will not only be implemented in the streets but also in car parks, adds Sophie Dupressoir, who became the president of SEM Parcus at the end of September.

Strasbourg cargo bike parking prototype II

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