City councilers testing cargo bikes

Gdynia City Council Passes Cargo Bike Funding Scheme for Citizens

A pilot funding scheme was accepted by the City Council of Gdynia. This initiative is carried out as part of the CityChangerCargoBike project and marks a major breakthrough as it is the very first of its kind in Poland.

The comprehensive scheme will include:

  •  50% financing, max. 5000 PLN
  • 50 000 PLN per year

Marek Łucyk, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia for development commented:

„Cargo bikes are already known in Gdynia as sustainable modes of transport allowing to move around kids, goods, organise logistics and promote various projects. Many citizens waiting for their turn in the trying-out scheme show us the huge interest in this vehicles.”

During the City Council Meeting, councillors had the chance to test cargo bikes and learnt all about their possibilities.

City councilwoman Anna Szpajer testing cargo bike
City councilers testing cargo bike
Wooden cargo bikes at council meeting

More information in Polish can be found  here.