Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs

Samariterbund Vienna bets on E-Cargo Bikes for efficient and climate-friendly deliveries

The Austrian aid organisation, Samariterbund, carries out many different services including professional rescue and ambulance services, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, care of the elderly, assisted living and social services.

As part of their services, the organisation provides thousands of Viennese Households with meals on wheels. After long consideration, they had the idea of replacing some of their car tours with e-cargo bikes. In 2016, the Samariterbund began to use cargo bikes for delivers. What started with just one cargo bike soon evolved into a fleet simply because cargo bikes are more efficient than cars. As  fast and reliable deliveries are their highest priority switching back to car delivery was out of the question.

Amounting to 6.500 km cycled annually, the cargo bike deliveries avoid around 200,000 kilometres of driving per year saving approximately 40 tonnes of CO2.

In 2017 and 2019, the Samariterbund received the VCÖ mobility prize for excellence and, in 2020, they were awarded a prize by klimaaktiv mobil. Their success motivates them to replace more car trips with cargo bikes in the future. Moreover, they also want to encourage other companies to motivate people to switch to climate-friendly delivery modes.

E-cargo bikes offer many advantages for companies. They are environmentally friendly, cause no fine dust, do no contribute traffic jams, and do not take up massive amounts of public space. The bikes save a lot of time, are cheaper to maintain and keep their employees fit.

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