Lisbon City Council (CML) is legally the local government of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. CML manages a territory of 10.005 ha, with 505.000 inhabitants (2017). Lisbon attracts daily another 430.000-630.000 persons that come to work or study in the city. This means that, during the day, Lisbon has more than 900.000 people, almost 700.000 of which are workers or students. Nearly 370.000 private vehicles enter daily into the city, coming from the neighbouring territories of the metropolitan area. Regarding cycling, Lisbon’s overall cycling mode share was 0.2% in 2011, and nowadays is estimated to be at 1.25%, and planned to surpass 4% by 2020 under the current scenario.

Lisbon City is part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area that accounts for 2,8 million people, 330.000 companies (100.000 in Lisbon City), 140.000 students and 61,2 GP MM€.

CML is the National Focal Point for the Portugal of CityChangerCargoBike.