Being Part of the Change

Being Part of the Change

Meet Robbie from Melbourne, Australia:

What brand of cargo bike do you own?

Surly Big Dummy and Larry vs Harry Bullitt.

What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?

Family outings, school transport, shopping and hopefully soon, holidays. it makes my whole family happy to ride it.

I love my cargo bike because…

It makes my whole family happy to ride it.

Meet Robbie from Melburne, Australia! 

Why did you decide to buy a cargo bike?

For local mobility, to contribute to a better neighborhood, and to be part of the change.

Did you have to overcome any initial challenges?

Integrating the bike into our home and lives – our city is built for cars so we made some adjustments like removing the front gate to our house.

Describe your cargo bike experience with one word


Do you feel you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

Yes, people smile and point, and say nice things to us when we ride to school and the shops.

What could your city do to improve the “cargobike-ability” of your city?

Offer a purchase subsidy to demonstrate the value of a cargo bike being “one less car”.