Gerard Pol Gili

Gerard Pol Gili

Meet Gerard Pol Gili from Strasbourg, France.

How long have you been using your cargo bike?

For more than 3 years.

Why did you decide to purchase one?

So I can carry both my young children at the same time.

It is always a good day to ride cargo bikes!

How would you complete the following phrase “I love my cargo bike because….”?

…I don’t ask myself if it is a good day to ride my bike: the answer is always yes, even when I need to carry many things, like groceries, and etc.

Describe cargo bikes in one word?


Did you have to overcome any initial challenges?

Parking on the street when you live in a flat without a bicycle shed. We had to get insurance to feel relaxed about that idea. There is almost no second-hand cargo bike on the market. If you need to go beyond the city center and don’t have electric assistance then it can be quite tiring.

Do you think that cargo bikes have an impact on society?

An e-cargo bike gives you the same opportunities as a car in cities. Possibilities are numerous!