Mathieu Porte

Mathieu Porte

Meet Mathieu Porte from Lingolsheim, France!

How long have you been using your cargo bike and what type do you have?

“I’ve been using a cargo bike for more than 3 years and I have two: a Bakfiets cargo bike and a Yuba for my long tail bike.”

What made you want to use a cargo bike?

“To keep moving around by bike without being limited when I have to carry my children and/or go grocery shopping or have to carry other things.”

“I love cargo bikess because I have limitless flexibility!”

Complete the following sentence: “I love using my cargo bike because..”

“I love my cargo bikes because I have limitless flexibility, I can ride like a heavy goods vehicle when I carry my children and groceries in the trailer, or I can go as fast as the wind when my Yuba is empty, and still being able to go and pick up my children if anything unexpected happens.”

What impact do you see cargo bikes having on society?

“I think it shows others that it is possible. You can have 3 children, and car is not inevitable, on the contrary! Very practical alternatives exist such as cargo bikes and when people see that it is possible, that we do it, then it makes them think and some in the end do consider this option.”

Describe cargo bikes in one word?