My dream has come true

My dream has come true

Meet Robert from Płońsk, Poland.

What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?

A traveling bicycle Puppet Theater.

I love my cargo bike because…

Because it takes me wherever the audience is waiting.

Why did you decide to buy a cargo bike?

The appearance and the possibility of packing the whole theater.

“Thanks to my cargo bike, my dream has come true!”

Describe your cargo bike experience with one word.


Do you think that you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

All my life I dreamed of my own itinerant theater. Thanks to my cargo bike my dream has come true and thanks to the cargo bike I show others that you have to dream and dreams can come true.

What could your city do to improve the “cargobike-ability” of your city?

First of all, cycle paths with gentle climbs instead of curbs.