Sunshine, Joy and Freedom

Sunshine, Joy and Freedom

My name is Ronja Vonderbank and I have many cargo bike enthusiasts in my family. Let’s set the scene! My sister and her family live on the East Frisian island of Norderney. My brother in law has his own doctor office; he is a general practitioner and visits his patients at home. Norderney is a small island with only one primary and comprehensive school where my sister teaches English.

Fresh air, recreation, riding with the kids, enjoying the bright sun, and freedom!

The island has about 6000 inhabitants and its stunning landscapes attract many tourists from all over the world. The island sums up 26 square kilometers and is surrounded by long sandy beaches.

It is also a health resort for a lot of patients due to its clean and fresh sea breeze. My sister’s children have the biggest sandpit to play in, it is just the perfect place for a young family. Another awesome fact about Norderney is that during the summer season cars are not allowed on the island.

And how does my sister’s youngest son get to kindergarten and back every day?

And how does my brother in law get to his patients every day?

Exactly, you already know the answer: by cargo bike!

They have two electric cargo bikes, one from bakfiets and the other is from Douze. The electric support makes cycling easy on the windy island.

My sister rides with her son first seat on her new cargo bike to kindergarten and picks him up later by bike too. When they do a trip to the nature reserve, he can appreciate getting a ride, relax, sit back, and enjoy the bike journey. Her husband usually uses one of their cargo bikes to transport his doctor’s bag and medical equipment to his patients for his home visits.

So, I try to visit them at least once a year and I can tell that their cargo bike is really the perfect addition to their life on the island. It is so convenient! Both, the kids and grocery shopping bags fit in the bike.

I once rode their previous red non-electric bakfiets and quite enjoyed it. It is fast, direct, and you don’t leave a carbon footprint.

Taking care of my niece and nephew in the cargo bike and cruising down to get ice cream was just a lot of fun! I must admit that cargo bikes are super handy and practical in any sense.

Fresh air outside, recreation, riding from A to B with the kids, enjoying exercising in the bright sun, that’s what I associate with their cargo bike and its freedom!