The Bicycle is My Passion

The Bicycle is My Passion

Meet Emiro Romero from Bogota, Colombia.

What brand of cargo bike do you own?


What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?

Consulting, promotion.

I love my cargo bike because…

It is sustainable, makes me free, it does not make noise.

Emiro Romero from Bogota uses his cargo bike for consulting and promotion. He says that cargo bike is his passion. 

Why did you decide to buy a cargo bike?

I am convinced, the bicycle is my passion.

Describe your cargo bike experience with one word.


Do you feel that you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

We promote cargo bikes in the last mile logistics.

What could your city do to improve the “cargobike-ability” of your city?

Establish a set of subsidies scheme to purchase a cargo bike.