Graz Cargo Bike Delivery

The City of Graz puts CO2-free Postal Delivery to the Test

As part of a three-month pilot project, three postal service employees have been on the road with e-bikes and trailers in the city centre of Graz since the beginning of August. The project is testing a postal delivery model that is suitable for many densely populated areas.

 The transition to environmentally friendly mail and parcel delivery is being tested as part of the "City Hub" pilot project - read more about this in German (24.2.2020).

Step-by-step transition in urban areas

"The idea is to convert logistics in the entire city centre to such models. Not only in Graz but also in other urban areas in Austria", explains Peter Umundum, CEO of the Austrian Post.

The pilot project "City Hub" will be tested for three months - then a decision will be made on how to progress. The team consists of three delivery staff members, each of them delivering about 120 parcels.

Graz Cargo Bike Delivery


Zero-carbon delivery by 2021

The container is always in one place. The postboxes are delivered from the parcel centre in Kalsdorf by truck to the container - from there the delivery is then carried out by bike, explains Alexander Vorauer. "This makes it very flexible since you can easily get anywhere in the city centre by bicycle," adds his colleague Wolfgang Moderitz.

Since 2011, all postal items within Austria have been delivered on a CO2 neutral basis. "Less particulate matter, less noise and great city logistics", says the Mayor of Graz, Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP), who is also pleased about the project. By converting Austrian Post to e-mobility and implementing the "City Hub" project, Austrian Post is pursuing a larger goal: It wants to deliver CO2-free mail throughout Graz as early as August 2021.

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