Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service

New solutions for urban goods traffic - naturally with cargo bikes

The enormous increase in the volume of delivery traffic is leading to growing problems in the transport sector and to rising costs for delivery services. "Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service" - or ULaaDS for short - analyses and develops new concepts for goods traffic in cities. Besides Bremen, the cities of Groningen (NL) and Mechelen (BE) are also project partners in the ULaaDS project. The city of Groningen is a model for the concept of a car-free city centre.

ULaaDS is a new research and demonstration project in the European research programme "Horizon 2020", which is led by the Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing in Bremen together with 23 other European project partners, including two partners of the CityChangerCargoBike project: FGM-AMOR and the city of Mechelen. Cargo bikes will of course play a major role in all three demonstration cities. For example, the concept of the project partner Rytle will pilot a complete logistics system with cargo bike, micro-hub and a suitable software solution for delivery in Bremen.

“The vibrant and attractive city centre of Groningen is an interesting role model for Bremen," says mobility senator Maike Schaefer. From 2022 onwards, Groningen's city centre will be car-free, only freight traffic will still be allowed to enter in the morning using motorised vehicles. From 2025, all these vehicles must be emission-free in the city centre. Supplies, waste collection vehicles as well as event traffic: everything must be electric and/or by bicycle.

"Goods traffic does not only take place in trucks but often also in private cars," says Bonnie Fenton, regional chairman of the ADFC in Bremen. "That's why we want to expand the Fietje Lastenrad Sharing within the framework of ULaaDS. Then you can use the cargo bike to go shopping, to the construction or beverage market - this saves car trips and relieves our roads".

In the ULaaDS project an analysis of the existing and future inner-city freight traffic is carried out. On-demand" logistics, the delivery of goods on (often short-term) call, also plays a role here.

Contact person:

Michael Glotz-Richter, project coordinator, E-Mail: Michael.Glotz-Richter@umwelt.bremen.de
Jens Tittmann, press officer at the Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing, Tel.: (0421) 361-6012, E-Mail: jens.tittmann@umwelt.bremen.de