Graz Rikscha on it`s way

Stag nights, weddings, birthday parties or an individual city tour - this and more with the Graz Rickshaw

The Graz Rickshaw has been around for over a year now, operated by the shareholders Gert Fink and Matthias Steiner. The start of the company has been turbulent, beginning with the import of rickshaws from China, through difficult funding applications and ending up with less advertising support through the tourism portal of the city of Graz than hoped for.

COVID-19 has posed additional challenges for the operators. With a good pre-booking situation for spring 2020, the number of requests decreased significantly by mid March. In this difficult time, the Graz Rickshaw made volunteer trips as well as shopping trips, especially for older residents.

Before COVID-19 the target group consisted of two thirds of tourists and one third of locals. Slowly, word is getting around in Graz that the rickshaws (there are three in total) can be booked for various occasions like birthday parties, stag parties, weddings or individual gifts for the whole family and friends. A tour through the Old Town with a rickshaw cannot be compared to any other Graz-tour - there is no more individual and direct way to experience the city. If it should be cozier, you can enjoy a relaxed picnic tour with your loved one near the Mur. Mr. Fink is open for (almost) all wishes.

For reservation inquiries and further information: Gert Fink is available under 0660/7662998 or More information finds you under or