Group of cargo bikes

Try out cargo bikes with autumnal delights

A large housing estate with about 400 flats and 1.400 residents in Graz wants to purchase a cargo bike for its association members and offer residents the opportunity to try out different models of cargo bikes. This try-out happened in the middle of October 2020 in surprisingly warm and sunny weather, with autumnal culinary delights and in compliance with the necessary COV-19 hygiene measures.

Three bike retailers from Graz were present with a total of 7 different models of cargo bikes - two and three-wheeled electric and non-electric models such as Riese and Müller, E-Muli, Benno, Nihola, Winther and Babboe. When selecting the models, particular attention was paid to offer cargo bikes that are suited for different applications, including child transport. The try-out lasted for three hours and the bikes were in constant use. The retailers were consulted about the particularities of the bikes and provided information all afternoon. A very interesting outcome of the event was that the association had originally considered the purchase of a non-motorised three-wheeled model. After the event, however, a two-wheeled motorised model was the clear favourite among the testers. This shows once again how important it is to try out cargo bikes.

Try out of cargo bikes

This was the first of such cooperation among different cargo bike retailers in Graz with regard to the organization of joint try-out session and at the end of the day, several requests for further such cooperation possibilities were made. It was a great success for the promotion of the manifold application possibilities of cargo bikes as well as for spreading the awareness of the regional cargo bike retailers. Another advantage of such cooperation is that dealers can come to an agreement on the different types of cargo bikes each of them offers for sale. Thus, not every dealer has to stock all models.