Obshtina Varna

Varna Municipality was established by the Law of the administrative territorial structure of the Republic of Bulgaria (prom. SG. 63/07.14.1995). According to Article 2 of the Local Self-government and Local Administration Act „The municipality shall be the main administrative territorial unit, where local self-government is exercised.“

Local self-government shall be expressed in the right and actual opportunity of citizens and their elective bodies to resolve on their own all issues of local importance that the law has empowered them to resolve in the fields of:

  • municipal properties, municipal enterprises, municipal finance, taxes and fees, and the municipal administration;
  • the planning and development of the territory of the municipality and the settlements therein;
  • education;
  • health;
  • culture;
  • public works and utilities;
  • social welfare services;
  • the protection of the environment and the reasonable use of natural resources;
  • the maintenance and conservation of cultural, historical and architectural monuments;
  • the development of sports, recreation and tourism.

Administrative services shall be carried out subject to the principles laid down in the Law on the Administration and the Administrative code (APC), as well as in ensuring the:

  • equal access to administrative services and to information about administrative services;
  • different forms of access to administrative services and information about them;
  • friendly and cooperative relation;
  • coordination and interaction with all countries interested in the improvement of the administrative service in the administrations, which ensures uniformity of results in the same circumstances;
  • reliable feedback;
  • the performance of their duties in connection with the administrative services in previously developed and promulgated rules;
  • quality of services provided.

In Varna municipality are employed trained experts with experience in the implementation of projects, engineers, financiers and lawyers. Varna municipality has the necessary equipment to ensure the administrative and technical activities such as offices, Office equipment, automobiles, measuring instruments and other.

Having implemented a number of international and domestic projects related to urban planning, urban mobility, etc. Municipality of Varna has a lot of experience which will be helpful for the implementation of the activities within the project.

Varna is the National Focal Point for Bulagaria of CityChangerCargoBike.