Cargo Bikes make Cycling Inclusive and Accessible to People with Disabilities in Gdynia

Cargo Bikes make Cycling Inclusive and Accessible to People with Disabilities in Gdynia

August, 26 2019

Mobile Gdynia seeks to show the diverse mobility options that are possible within a city. For example: cargo bikes!

Much has been achieved in recent years and awareness for new, sustainable mobility options has been steadily increasing. As a result, cargo bikes are popping up all over Gdynia such as in kindergartens, schools, during summer festivals and events for visitors. Even city officials and public institutions use cargo bikes as a means of engaging with citizens. For example, the city hall Media team transports cameras on their bikes to make incredible shots. Moreover, the Social Innovation Laboratory team goes for bike rides to promote participatory budgets, and the public library set up a mobile library on a cargo bike.

For the first time this year, on Thursdays and Sundays, citizens and visitors had the opportunity to take part in activities organised by the City Hall – Family Department at Kaszubski Square in Gdynia. Apart from music workshops, theatres, sports competitions, art & crafts activities, everyone had the chance to try hand-bikes as well as cargo bikes.

Julia enjoying her first cargo bike ride with Agata from the Mobile Gdynia team

One Thursday a group of teenagers and adults in wheelchairs enjoyed a dancing class. The cargo bikes immediately sparked their curiosity. As Gdynia fleet has cargo bikes with a ramp in front it, getting on the cargo bike with a wheelchair was easily done.

One of the first-timers was Julia Biernacka, aged 19. In spite of the many disabilities she faces, she is very eager to try new things and very active. The ride on a cargo bike was a very enjoyable experience for her whole family! Julia’s mum was thrilled about the new mobility options that it offers for her daughter:

“Julia’s cargo bike ride is another dream that came true. When she was small we used to ride a bike with her in a special seat. Unfortunately, when she grew up, other health issues appeared, which made it impossible to continue cycling and until now it remained on our wish-list. The “Mobile Gdynia” project made this wish come true. Julia could once again ride a bike, which made us all very happy. It surely is the beginning of our new adventure.”

Another passenger was Marta, who enjoyed the bike ride so much that she did not want to leave it. They both could feel the wind in their hair again and were quite surprised that cargo bikes are answers to so many questions and needs.

Encouraged by these achievements, Mobile Gdynia is already thinking about visiting more events with cargo bikes to demonstrate that they can be applied in logistics as well as in the everyday lives of so many people.

About the Project:

Gdynia is a partner in the CityChangerCargoBike project that aims to explore the limitless potential of cargo bikes by promoting their usage amongst public, private, and commercial users all over Europe.

Mobile Gdynia is a mobility management project in the city of Gdynia. The EU projects and Mobility Management Unit is a part of City Hall and strives to elaborate on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It coordinates EU projects (incl. CCCB) and actively takes part in all activities in the city concerning mobility.