Know-how and strategy transfer between cities

Know-how and strategy transfer between cities

September 16, 2020

The Vice Mayor of the 10,000 inhabitant community Gleisdorf, Katharina Schellnegger, met with politicians of the city of Graz twice over the last weeks. At the beginning, there was an exchange with with the municipal councilor Tamara Ussner and the political speaker Thomas Lampesberger at the Graz City Hall.

The topics covered were the structure and procedure of the funding scheme for cargo bikes in Graz and the free rental of cargo bikes. Such a rental scheme is now to be established for Gleisdorf as well. Mrs. Schellnegger has obtained extensive information and strategic tips on communication measures for the introduction of these new concepts for Gleisdorf. In addition, know-how was exchanged on the implementation of cargo bikes in municipal organisations, the establishment of soft mobility forms in local politics and the hosting of citizens’ forums in the mobility sector.

In context of the local heroes’ video campaign, a meeting with city councilor Judith Schwentner also took place, where the latest politic news were exchanged and the photo above was taken.