As the cargo bike market is growing, security standards and product liability are gaining in importance.

The European Standardisation Organisation (CEN) has established a working group on cargo bikes (CEN/TC 333/WG 9 Cargo Bikes) to develop an EN standard for cargo bikes. The working group initially met in January 2020. Erik Driessen (Urban Arrow) is chair of the working group and Joost Witsenburg of the Dutch standardisation organisation NEN is the secretary. National industry standards for cargo bikes have been established recently in Germany (DIN 79010:2020-02) and France (NF R30-050-1).  They will serve as a basis for developing the EN standard. 

 All cargo bike manufacturers and other stakeholders are encouraged to approach their national standardisation organisation to be delegated to the CEN working group. 

CCCB partner ECLF is a CEN liaison partner and actively contributes to the working group. ECLF will consult with its members of the European Expert Group and others to support an EN standard with maximum benefits for manufacturers and users of cargo bikes.

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